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Refund policy

Return Policy

It is very important to us that you experience the freshest Brigadeiro and that your gift arrives in perfect condition. If your order was damaged or delayed for any reason, please let us know and we will promptly provide you with a replacement, exchange or a refund.

Please note that we do not provide replacement, exchange or refund for orders returned to us by the Shipping Carrier.

Please make sure to use the correct address and required information. We won’t replace orders sent to the wrong recipient or location.

No Automatic Returns

Florida does not mandate that merchants have to take returns of merchandise purchased from them. The law does require that if a merchant does not want to accept returns, then he must post a clear and conspicuous notice to that effect in the store. Such a notice must be clear and placed by the cash register. Failure to follow these provisions will then create a presumed right of the consumer to return merchandise purchased at that store.

Without the required no returns/no refunds policy, then a presumed return/refund policy shall exist with that merchant. The merchant must give the details of the policy to the consumer in writing upon request. The most conservative return policy allowed by state law is a right of refund within seven days of the purchase. The consumer must bring the merchandise back to the merchant and provide a purchase receipt. The law allows the merchant to adopt a more liberal return policy if they wish.

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