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The Handmade Gourmet Brigadeiro creations by FaBrigadeiros Bakery is the American dream coming true for a Brazilian lady. After analyzing the United States candy and sweet market, she realized that something was missing, handmade brigadeiros, just like the ones I always craved in Brazil.

She assembled all of her grandmother’s Brazilian handmade brigadeiro recipes and open her Brigadeiro Bakery, FaBrigadeiros for every one to enjoy here in America. Whether you're from Brazil and miss Brazilian handmade brigadeiros, or you are just looking for delicious sweets we offer handmade brigadeiros shipped fresh anywhere in the US. 


She has decided to establish FaBrigadeiros in the United States, and follow her dream of opening her own business in the segment of Handmade Brazilian Sweets - (Brigadeiro in Brazilian Portuguese). Hard work, love, dedication and high quality of its ingredients, are part of her secret recipe.

In fact, if there’s one thing you should take away from the FaBrigadeiros experience, it’s know our source.

It’s often thousand miles since ingredients have been grown or made from their countries, that they make it to your Brigadeiro, with Fabi’s fabulous touch: Condensed Milk from Mexico, imported Belgian Chocolate, Peanuts from a special farm in Georgia, Brazilian Coconut, organic Key Lime from the Florida Keys and a distinct kind of Guava.

The list goes on as we are in an ongoing partnership with our suppliers to identify new ingredients and visit them in-person regularly to share best practices. Fabi is on a constant hunt to sniff out sources yet to be discovered.

So, if you came from Brazil and miss Brazilian food or if you are just looking for delicious candies brigadeiro in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and any other cities, you are in the right place . For every occasion , they are the best way to celebrate, gift and express happiness and joy.

Check out our Instagram Handmade Brigadeiro Gourmet FaBrigadeiros Bakery, see our delicious display of all the  flavors of handmade brigadeiros we offer for your enjoyment.

Sample this delicious Brazilian gourmet treat and you're to be delighted with the experience. 


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