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Brigadeiro History

The Brigadier (called "negrinho" in Rio Grande do Sul) is a typical sweet of Brazilian cuisine, created in the 1940s is common throughout the country and is present in virtually all parties.

The brigadier ingredients are usually condensed milk, powdered chocolate, butter and chocolate sprinkles for coverage. Can be done either on the stove and in the microwave. The sweet name is a tribute to Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, liberal, topping physical and good looks. In the years 1946 and 1950, the military ran for president of the Republic by the UDN. The candidate won a group of Pacaembu fans, neighborhood of São Paulo, who organized parties to promote his candidacy. The sweet was created during the first candidate's campaign for the presidency, the conservative UDN, shortly after the fall of Getúlio Vargas.

The delicacy made of milk, eggs, butter, sugar and chocolate so pleased that one of the campaign parties, was made the candy to raise funds.

There are other versions very similar to that of the origin of the sweet name: women of Rio de Janeiro, engaged in Gomes application, were "darkies" who sold to help the campaign fund; others said Heloise Nabucco, traditional carioca family that supported the brigadier, created a kind of sweet, slightly different from the current version, and called it to the patent's preferred candidate. As the parties of supporters and canvassers were hotly contested by the population These soon began to call friends to go eat "Sweetie Brigadier". The funniest of all was the slogan that the candidate used to draw the attention of voters: "Vote for the brigadier, is beautiful and is Single. "

Without Brigadier a birthday party has no grace. After all, he is the big star of children's parties and adult too!

In time of war, fresh produce such as milk, eggs and sugar were very hard to find and the class spent most like eating a candy. However, canned were available, including condensed milk, which had been invented by an American in 1856.

It was then that a very smart guy, no one ever identified, had the bright idea to mix condensed milk with chocolate and Brigadier emerged. The delicious, wonderful, Brigadier ...

Making a mockery with the slogan of our political which incidentally lost the election for military Gaspar Dutra, the bay created some phrases for sweetie, "Long live the brigadier, Brazilian product, which is beautiful, luscious and very cool!"

Now, if you are concerned about the little body set, the good news is that the innocent brigadeirinho has only 53 calories, almost nothing.

The hard part is just stay in the first one.

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